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Malaysia - Our Wonderland
When one hears the word “Wonderland”, they’ll be reminded of a place filled with happiness, cheer, bright and hope! This is what Little Yellow Flower’s Wonderland is all about! As further researches are done, it is found that urban poor is still a major issue despite how much a country is growing and planted with wonders around. Therefore, with specific issues pin-pointed, Little Yellow Flower is working with different people, children and communities around which have different needs hoping to break the chain of poverty and transform the people and children to have a better and brighter future ahead!

Little Yellow Flower's Wonderland

a) Spirit of the Little Yellow Flower
The story of the Foundation name comes from a small yellow flower which grows in the wilderness, staying alive and radiant despite harshness around. We use these flower’s spirits to encourage children to always have a positive outlook on their lives.

b) Feed
Urban poor is still a major problem in many countries and many children suffers from it. Meals are essential especially for children who are growing up. Poor nutrition contributes to lack of concentration, confusion, diseases and even death!

c) Education
Provide necessary education support for the children to be able to attend, read, write and cope better in school.

d) Activities
Various activities like creative education and activities (reading, painting, handiwork etc) are planned for children to explore more.

e) Transform
Breaking the chain of poverty and transforming life by helping the children lead towards a better life. We are able to help bring lasting change that will benefit the child and his/her family with your contribution. 587 False @12345