Our Dreams  

With a great amount of love in their heart, four renowned artistes; Miss Charlie Young, Miss Lee Sinje, Miss Valen Hsu and Miss Gigi Leung formed a non-profit organization during Christmas 2007 and known as Little Yellow Flower. All of them love children and are actively involved in other charity organization works like World Vision and UNICEF by travelling on mission trips and by joining these trips, they get to understand problems children faced at a better and deeper level. Once understanding the situation, they realize that they would like to provide more for children around.

The Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation has the noble goal of bringing love, happiness and hope to all children regardless of their social status. Specifically, Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation want to help underprivileged children who are living in less fortunate environments by giving them moral support and help them build towards a better life through proper education. Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation hopes to bring out the best in children so that they may be like shining stars, acting as beacons for a brighter future. Using all the resources at their disposal, Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation hope that they may receive the best possible assistance and education.

The ambassadors are very involved in the projects personally and would often interact with the children involved regardless of their background.

  Miss Charlie Young
  Miss Gigi Leung
  Miss Sinje Lee
  Miss Valen Hsu