Spirit of LYFF

Little Yellow Flowers growing in the countryside, resilient and strong against the forces of wind and rain, blossoming and radiant.

Through empathy, support and aid are provided for families and children in dire need.

Through lending a listening ear and taking note of a child’s innermost being, we allow the child to lead us in guiding them towards their mission in life.

We believe in equality and equal opportunity for all and we lead a child to live a stable life without discrimination and help to break them out of the cycle of poverty.

Sowing the seeds of sharing and through practical action, allowing the child to experience the power of love and to continually pass on the spirit and love of Little Yellow Flower.

Events and News

There are many organizations that have devoted countless heartfelt hours to helping children. LYFF hopes to unite these efforts in the shared goal of

“working towards a better world for children “

It is also our honor to work with all organizations and individuals who share the same aims and possess the same passion towards helping children in need.

The 5th wave of Covid -19 outbreak 2021

During the 5th wave of Covid-19 outbreak in Hong Kong , Little Yellow Flower Foundation donated the following emergency items to the institutions in need of assistance and low-income families in Hong Kong.We have successfully donated :😷Masks 14,700 pcs🧪Rapid Antigen Test Kit 8,600 Sets🥼Disinfecting alcohol 150 litersBig sterilizer machine The beneficiaries include:– The Society of …