Little Prince project

 In 2016, the Little Yellow Flower Foundation sponsored the “Little Prince Project” in 大家書房。大家書房 is located in Zhongyi Village, Daya, Taichung. Zhongyi Village used to be a military dependents’ village. Now, with the outflow of the population,Locals, aborigines , new residents, etc. have gradually moved into Zhongyi Village and become a multi-ethnic area. As the residents are very friendly, Zhongyi Village is also the first choice for many hard-working families who choose to move here.

The founder of 大家書房,奚浩 is also a professor at a university in Taichung. He hopes that these children can have a better learning environment, they can come here to read, study and bonding with each other after class. In addition to the subject part, there are other multi-experience courses that allow them to learn more about food or art, even financial management and other different aspects and life learning.