“Digital Storytellings” : Can I Be Friends With You 2021  (Cantonese version)

” It’s excited when listening to the children passionate and genuine voice! “

The voice acting by the children, their siblings and their parents is a perfect way to broaden their horizons and

to promote their imagination, self confidence and parent-child relationships.

“… giving our children this learning opportunity during pandemic! All kids and their parents enjoy the process!”

The ” Digital Storytellings” is part of little yellow flower foundation’s “Reading Wonderland” program which promotes reading for children and includes the establishment of libraries and donation of books. 

The Foundation is hoping that through these initiatives more young volunteers may involve themselves with the good cause and contribute positively to the community.

Working Partners :

1. “Caritas Jockey Club integrated service for young people – Tak Tin”

The Center is providing integrated service to the youth and children in the community, such service includes providing support to the children with special learning difficulties and their family.

2. “Creation Without Limited” 

The social enterprise is helping those youth who aims to work in the film industry to break through disabilities, poverty and discrimination, and assisting the development of their talents by means of training, career planning and job allocation.