Year of the Dragon’s visit to Hing Wah Estate

Hing Wah Estate is an almost 50 years public housing estate in eastern Hong Kong Island. 

The 7 “Old Slab” blocks is the home to mostly elderly living there now. They are more likely to face factors such as living alone or the loss of family or friends, and it is more common among them to feel isolated and depressed. 

To remind the elderly that Chinese new year is a season full of happiness, our volunteers and the staffs of the sponsor have visited the Estate before the Year of Dragon, our volunteers have brought them the cute little boxes filled with chocolate gold coins and gold nuggets made by them. There were also canned food, fruits, hand sanatizers and lunch boxes donated by the sponsor. 

The elderly were delighted receiving our gifts, and we hope our visit had brought happiness and warmth to their heart, reminding them of the love and thoughtfulness that surrounded them.

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