Life of Circle unveils the Daisy Butterfly Limited Collection Designed with Charlie Young ( Hope Education Foundation)and Dickson Yewn

Charlie’s butterfly imagery sketches for the ‘Butterfly Collection’. 18K White and Yellow Gold with Blue Sapphire and Yellow Quartz Pendant

Inspiration of the Floral Collection

Following the opening of life of circle’s concept store in IFC in October 2007 when Charlie showed the public her butterfly sketches, Dickson and Charlie are delighted to unveil the full collection with a total of 6 pieces of stunning jewellery designs.

The gracious Dickson and Charlie have always been involved in charity work and providing for the under-privileged. When Dickson introduced his Floral Collection to Charlie a few months ago, Charlie not only loved the collection but was also inspired by it. The idea of butterfly fairies and small yellow daisies (which is a symbol for our charity foundation, HOPE Education Foundation) came to her mind and after a few brainstorming sessions with Dickson, they decided to join hands to produce the limited edition Daisy Butterfly Collection for life of circle.

The story of the Daisy Butterfly Collection

‘This Daisy Butterfly Collection is not only a name for a jewellery collection,’ says Charlie, ‘it also has a meaningful story behind it. It is about how the butterfly fairies bringing hope and support to the unfortunate small yellow daisies which usually grow alongside the roads and are left unattended. The butterfly fairies represent the four founders of the HOPE Education Foundation including myself, Ms. Gigi Leung, Ms. Valen Hsu and Ms. Sinje Lee. The small yellow daisies represent the under-privileged children who strive to be loved and to learn and survive. Both Dickson and I hope that this collection would arouse more attention from the public in order to help support these children.’

The Collection

The collection is feminine and elegant, capturing different forms of the butterfly fairies and the daisies. It includes bracelets, pendants, earrings and rings highlighted with diamonds, gemstones and mother of pearls. Only 1,000 pieces are produced in each of the 7 precious designs in this collection. As life of circle always hopes to bring blessing and joy to people, part of the sales proceeds from this collection will be donated to the HOPE Education Foundation.

* HOPE Education foundation is now renamed as Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation