Sinje Lee “The Rosy Bag of Little Yellow Flower”

Story Board

Little Yellow Flower lives in a small city, wearing a pair of ripped shoes and walks to school every day. The environment in the small city made Little Yellow Flower sometimes feel a big stone pressing over her chest, so she couldn’t breathe. Sometimes, she wants to hide under the chair because it’s so peaceful and safe there. Little Yellow Flower is always in the silence, she doesn’t speak, everyone thinks she is a strange child. There was always a big stone in her heart that kept her silent all the time. What kind of situation made Little Yellow Flower finally speak?

This book looks at the world from the children’s angle, with beautiful words and pictures it portrays the insecurity and worry Little Yellow Flower has faced during her growing up. There are many misunderstandings and insecurities the little soul may encounter during her life voyage! The book inspires children the importance of communication and sharing, open oneself and to associate with others honestly and happily, we are all good friends!