Valen Hse “Can I be friends with you”

Story Board

Living in the forest, Little Yellow Flower does not like to talk much and she does not know how to express herself. She is kind hearted, innocent and lovely and only wants to help others quietly, just like the warm breeze bringing to people comfort and peace. Being taciturn, Little Yellow Flower has a warm heart but also a sense of insecure: she always has the question whether the little animals in the forest like her or not? This day her worry has turned into tears, How Grandpa Sun and other friends in the forest would comfort her? Do they really appreciate the innocent and beauty of Little Yellow Flower?

This book looks at the world from the children’s angle, with beautiful words and pictures it portraits the insecurity and worry Little Yellow Flower has faced during her growing up. There are many misunderstanding and insecurity the little soul may encounter during her life voyage! The book inspires children the importance of communication and sharing, open oneself and to associate with others honestly and happily, we are all good friends!