Gigi Leung “The Fanstastic World Of Little Yellow Flower”

Story Board

Composition writing is Little Yellow Flower’s favorite subject! Her homework today is <My Fantastic World>. She turned powerful in her fantastic world. She wanted to fly with the bees in the sky; she wanted to swim with little starfish in the sea; she wanted to be a magician, she wanted to be invisible, turned glasses to candy, sneaked into mummy’s room for fragrance… Her fantastic world became bigger than she has ever thought of and was very hard to write them down in words. She seek for advice from her mummy and was asked: What is the most important thing in your fantastic world? Now she understands, her fantastic world is…..

This book looks at the world from the children’s angle, with beautiful words and pictures it portraits the insecurity and worry Little Yellow Flower has faced during her growing up. There are many misunderstanding and insecurity the little soul may encounter during her life voyage! The book inspires children the importance of communication and sharing, open oneself and to associate with others honestly and happily, we are all good friends!