New hair stylist for a new term of school to come 2018

Little yellow flower foundation has invited a good friend of ours , well known hair stylist – Pius to provide free hair cut service for around 100 children , Pius brought along a few more hair stylists and wishing to give a fresh and nice look for the kids who will be started the new term of school soon.

Classroom Library Project for Tianjin Polytechnic University Affiliated Primary School 2016

Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation has always been closely working on the love of reading and once again, we have worked with Tianjin Polytechnic University Affiliated Primary School with
the Reading Development Program by donating a number of 1025 books to them.

The school has a vision of providing rich in content and age appropriate quality books for their students and with the books donated together with passionate teachers providing workshops and activities, we have managed to have the teachers and students understand the importance of reading.

An environment for reading has been created and the library’s resources are increased whereby books can be borrowed.

The school had a book ceremony where all the students and teachers attended.

Little Prince project

 In 2016, the Little Yellow Flower Foundation sponsored the “Little Prince Project” in 大家書房。大家書房 is located in Zhongyi Village, Daya, Taichung. Zhongyi Village used to be a military dependents’ village. Now, with the outflow of the population,Locals, aborigines , new residents, etc. have gradually moved into Zhongyi Village and become a multi-ethnic area. As the residents are very friendly, Zhongyi Village is also the first choice for many hard-working families who choose to move here.

The founder of 大家書房,奚浩 is also a professor at a university in Taichung. He hopes that these children can have a better learning environment, they can come here to read, study and bonding with each other after class. In addition to the subject part, there are other multi-experience courses that allow them to learn more about food or art, even financial management and other different aspects and life learning.

Visit the “Tuen Mun Children and Youth Home”  (Social Welfare Department) 2015

Ronald Cheng was invited by the “Little Yellow Flower Foundation “to visit the “Tuen Mun Children and Youth Home” ( Social Welfare Department)

Ronald and “Little Yellow Flower” ambassadors Charlie Young  and Gigi Leung visited the children to listen and encourage them.

They also worked together to create a nice yellow flowers painting on a giant wall and it served as a platform for children to express their gratefulness to their parents.

English Music Class with Valen Hsu, Gigi Leung and Sinje Lee 2014

Little Yellow Flower Hong Kong has provided English Music classes for the children from lower income family this Summer 2014.

The purpose of this class is to hope that the children can learn more English through music as musical training is scientifically known to be able to gives students learning advantages in the classroom.

“Little Yellow Flower Kids & Teenager Support and Development Program”

Little Yellow Flower has sponsored a program for the minority race  in Hong Kong and it is known as “Kids & Teenager Support and Development Program”. This program is meant for kids, teenagers, and their parents  with various types of programs such as tuition and child development in order to prevent them from indulging in unhealthy activities. Besides that, this program could also cultivate the physical and mental aspects of the children, as well as guiding the parents in order to promote discipline and family harmony knowledge.

There are different activities :tuition group and homework guidance group. And physical activities include hip hop dancing classes (for males) and drawing lessons (for females)hoping to Let the participants to express their emotional and mental health. There is also a  program meant for parents in order to strengthen their discipline and promote family harmony.

Little Yellow Flower Summer activities and Little Yellow Flower cinema (Since 2013)

Little Yellow Flower Foundation has organized a series of summer activities which includes sponsoring twenty (20) children for 12 drawing lessons and more than two hundred (200) children to enjoy a private inspirational cartoon movie. 

Gigi Leung and Sinje Lee felt that children should be free of worries. When the Foundation was first established , the ambassadors of Little Yellow Flower were hoping to use education as a mean to improve the future of the children.

Through the screening of movie, Gigi hopes the children will also be inspired by the main role in the cartoon. Although they grow up in a underprivileged environment, they can still succeed in life .The financial hardship faced by the children and their family has made Gigi more adamant to improve Little Yellow Flower’s programmes to support and encourage the children.

College Dream Funding Scheme 2012-2021

Since 2012, the Little Yellow Flower Foundation has subsidized some students who have successfully passed the college entrance examination and obtained university admission notices. It is really our honor to assist them in fulfilling their university dreams, we wish them have a fruitful future.

50 Dollars Dreams

50 Dollars Dreams is organized by Junior Chamber International Kowloon Hong Kong and Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation is the main sponsor of this meaningful activity.  The aim of the activity is to show care for the society through children’s creativity and kindness. The power of participation will match the goal of Little Yellow Flower – to bring hope, love and happiness to children.

50 Dollars Dreams held its kick off and prize presentation ceremony on 12th August, 2012. Founder of Little Yellow Flower –  Sinje Lee represented the Foundation at  the ceremony.

For this activity, children will need to create a plan with a budget of 50 dollars which can help people in need. JCI evaluated and picked 20 outstanding plans. Little Yellow Flower education foundation made donations to help them accomplish their plans.

To encourage more children to participate in charity work, Little Yellow Flower Education Foundation had made extra donation to the Little Life Warriors Society when they received children’s submissions plan. The mission of Little Life Warriors Society is to promote and improve the services and benefits of childhood cancer patients.

On 12th Aug, Sinje and the 10 outstanding participants shared their help plans with over 200 parents and children. JCI had leaded the children to different districts to carry out their plans at the year end of 2012.

Story book Reading 2012

Children usually develop good reading habits from an early age .Olympian City is enthusiastic about public welfare and want to encourage parents and children to read together. Olympian City has bought a certain amount of bilingual picture story books from Hope Charity Education Foundation and distributed to children as gifts . Collection from the sales of the story books will be used for charity purposes.